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Camel Artist 40ml Acrylic Color Shade - 12 Shades (Multicolor) INR   1100 INR  1050

Camel Artist 40ml Acrylic Color Shade - 12 Shades (Multicolor)

Can be used directly from the tube or mixed with acrylic medium or with water Adhere to a great variety of surface like canvas, wood and earthenware Pack of: Artist acrylic color box 40ml x 12 shades, 40ml gel medium and 40ml retarder medium Shades: lemon yellow, permanent yellow deep, scarlet lake, crimson lake, cobalt blue hue, Prussian blue, sap green, viridian hue, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, black, titanium white Conforms to ASTM D 4236 standards and is non toxic and safe for children

INR 1050 INR 1100


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